OPPO unveils its product strategy for 2021

OPPO, has cemented its product strategy for 2021, in light of industry trends that are shaping the smartphone market in the UAE. The company identified six key trends that are expected to influence UAE consumers’ choice of smartphones this year.

Tarek Zaki, Senior Product Manager, OPPO MEA said, “The beginning of the year is a time to concretize strategies and, as always, we started with understanding the changes in the market over the past year and what it means for our customers. 2021 will see a great lineup of OPPO products that are designed and created to meet the expectations of the market. We remain true to our guiding principle of bringing great products to people through technological innovation. Our 2021 strategy is built on making these innovations accessible to local audiences in keeping with our theme, ‘Technology for Mankind, Kindness to the World’.”

OPPO’s 2021 strategy is driven by deep market insights and understanding of the trends that are shaping consumer expectations. Here are some of the top trends that will be visible in 2021:

1. 5G phones get more ubiquitous
The UAE has been quick to develop and expand 5G infrastructure and coverage with all major smartphone manufacturers and carrier networks joining the bandwagon. This year, 5G will become prevalent on all mid to premium segment phones, and gradually moves to wider places with the speedup of 5G commercialization. Adding to its 2020 portfolio of three 5G phones in the UAE, OPPO will continue its run in 2021 with top-of-the-line 5G phones. The first in the pipeline is the OPPO Reno5 series that is set for UAE launch in the first quarter of the year.

2. Camera expertise gets more professional
The popularity of social media platforms has given rise to a host of young creators who experiment with photography, videography and even short films on their smartphones. Cameras will therefore remain an important feature of smartphones in 2021 as consumers look for more professional options on their phone cameras. Recognizing the trend, OPPO brings in expertise from the best in imaging technology, and the new Reno5 series of smartphones is expected to set new benchmarks in refined imaging capabilities.

3. IoT and VR/AR go mainstream
The commercialization of 5G that started in 2020 will accelerate the development of intelligent connectivity fueling the Internet of Things (IoT) and immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). In 2021, these disruptive technologies will see more widespread adoption and find more application in daily life. In sync with this trend, OPPO’s exploration of the digital/virtual world was showcased at INNO DAY 2020, where OPPO unveiled its AR Glass 2021. A compact and ultra-light device in a brand-new split design, OPPO AR Glass 2021 offers precise three-dimensional spatial localization. The supporting CybeReal AR application receives real-time feedback and updates, reconstructing the real world to the centimetre and enriching the immersive experience for the user. The device has huge potential as 2021 heads towards more fusion of technologies in an interconnected world.

4. All charging is fast charging
COVID-19 forced consumers to move to a new online reality. The increased dependence on mobile devices – especially smartphones – has made fast-charging essential for today’s connected lifestyle. Fast charging will become mainstream in 2021. OPPO has always been ahead of the charging game, with its SuperVOOC flash charging technology currently delivering industry-defying charging speeds through OPPO’s 125W flash charge and 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charge. Its 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 that is available on Find X2 Pro and Reno4 Pro (4G and 5G models) phones charges a 4000mAh battery fully in just 36 minutes.

5. Customized interface/experience
In the age of personalization, consumers are looking for more unique experiences from their phones. 2021 will see more divergence from the stock Android experience, with operating systems, skins and user interfaces customized to reflect a smartphone brand’s identity and enhance its offering. Leading the pack is OPPO’s ColorOS – an efficient, intelligent, and richly designed Android-based mobile OS. ColorOS 11, one of the first Android 11 based OSes offers the rich UI customization that OPPO users seek and will be available on OPPO’s new product line-up in 2021 across the UAE.

6. Unconventional form factors
Foldable phones rose to fame in 2020, but OPPO takes smartphone form factor to a whole new level with a rollable screen and adjustable size. The company unveiled the OPPO X 2021 rollable concept handset at INNO DAY 2020 in November last year. The adjustable OLED display can be viewed as small as 6.7 inches up to as large as 7.4 inches. OPPO’s first-of-its-kind rollable screen brings a more customized, interactive experience by allowing users to adjust the size of the display based on their actual needs.