Airbus to upgrade hi-tech communication network for the major oil company in KSA

Airbus has been selected by the largest oil and gas company in Saudi Arabia, to upgrade its mission-critical communication network. Airbus will deploy its Tactilon Agnet solution, and latest Tetra technology.

Walid Lahoud, Head of Sales Middle East and North Africa for Secure Land Communications at Airbus

The renewed communication system will help the company better optimize resources, and fast-track decision-making processes. The smooth transmission and sharing of voice, video and data between employees thanks to Tactilon Agnet, will accelerate team coordination and enhance situational awareness.

“Airbus’ secure, flexible and reliable technologies, are capable of supporting such a company’s’ diverse and mission-critical communication and collaboration requirements. The upgrade is aligned with their strategy to reinforce its facilities and maximize the use of the latest smart solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, whenever possible”, explained Walid Lahoud, Head of Sales Middle East and North Africa for Secure Land Communications at Airbus.

With the roll-out of the Tactilon Agnet 800 application, the major oil company’s employees using smartphones will be able to communicate at the touch of a button (push-to-talk) with other colleagues using either Tetra radios, or smartphones, and situated in various locations, including the control room.

On top of high-speed connection and secure access to individual or group video, voice, data and messaging services, Airbus’ Tactilon Agnet 800 also offers essential features such as emergency calls and real-time location tracking and reporting, regardless of the device and technology used. These capabilities are essential to ensure quick response times, and the safety of the staff members.

The world’s largest daily oil producer will also benefit from Airbus’ most recent Tetra release. It offers a full set of capabilities from the Tetra and LTE networks for multimedia and video streaming services, while securing the network and preventing downtime.

With digital features specifically designed for mission- and business-critical use, Airbus’s secure communications technology helps boost productivity, safety and operational efficiency of its customers. This is especially important at critical sites where security and environmental protection requirements are at their highest.