TP-Link launches new brand of video surveillance, VIGI

TP-Link, announced the launch of VIGI, a brand dedicated to video surveillance and the brand is slated to introduce 10 products designed to meet the needs of any small or medium business, and provide professional grade surveillance to small business owners at an affordable price point.

Lucas Jiang General Manager of TP-Link MEA

“We’re excited to bring VIGI to market in the video surveillance industry,” said Lucas Jiang General, Manager of TP-Link MEA. “Backed by our product-centric and high-quality manufacturing standards, we plan on delivering secure, stable, and professional solutions for today’s business owners, wherever they are.”

The launch of VIGI by TP-Link is a strategic move to enter the surveillance field. Catering to the diverse demands for security and privacy protection, VIGI leverages its strong R&D and production capacity, and in-house manufacturing to offer customers a complete security solution to reduce internal and external theft, ensure the safety of staff, and improve services.

VIGI focuses on different scenarios and is dedicated to protecting the business that owners have worked hard to build—whenever, wherever. Outstanding functions, reliable quality guarantees, and simplified installation work together to ensure businesses stay safe and sound.