Protiviti and Monimove announce a strategic alliance

Protiviti and Monimove today announced a strategic alliance to empower the trade ecosystem with a fully digitized blockchain-enabled platform for greater transparency reduced cost and increased investment protection.

Arindam De, Managing Director, Protiviti and Hashim Al Husseini, Managing Director, Monimove

“Our partnership with Monimove enables us to offer our UAE clients across the public sector, financial institutions, Capex intensive industries and diversified conglomerates, an end-to-end solution for efficient liquidity management, supply chain financing, and blockchain-enabled trading documentation”, stated Arindam De, Managing Director, Protiviti. He added that “This will help all the stakeholders in the ecosystem to minimize their credit and operational risk, bring in efficiency and cost savings, which is critical in the present economic environment.”

The partnership will look at leveraging Protiviti’s strong presence in the region and its expertise in the areas of technology, finance, blockchain, risk, compliance and business transformation to provide businesses and financial institutions with Monimove’s unique platform, to facilitate seamless transition and adoption for organizations and minimizes discrepancies in financial instruments and provides assurance on delivery and project completions.

The platform is in line with the UAE Vision 2021 and National Innovation Strategy and helps prevent misuse of project and procurement funds that encourages local and international investors to participate in UAE’s economic growth.