Nikon Z5 mirrorless camera is out across the Middle East

Nikon has launched its new Nikon Z 5 mirrorless camera in the region. The Nikon Z 5 provides a whole range of possibilities, which were introduced at Nikon’s online launch showcases.

Nikon Z5 mirrorless camera

With the Nikon Z 5, you can capture stills and videos beautifully in lowlight scenes and render details sharply. Two VR mode options are available: NORMAL mode for still subjects and SPORT mode for moving subjects. Additionally, the VR unit is designed with a lock structure feature to prevent the image sensor from being damaged as a result of shaking.

When it comes to portraiture or candid captures, or even model subjects, the Eye-Detection AF comes in handy, even in continuous tracking. AF-C mode and confirmation of detection is available both on the electronic viewfinder and the touch screen monitor, which features approximately 1040 dot resolution.

Clarity and details of creations are rendered to their best depictions with the NIKKOR Z lenses’ performance, to reproduce dynamic expressions, beautiful smooth bokeh and sharp images, even at wide apertures.

To deliver cinematic movies, both in-camera or through post-production, it offers helpful features that include Creative Picture Control. For lighting adjustments, in certain tricky environments, the Active D-Lighting feature helps to optimize the scenes for a natural-looking setting, while the focus peaking mode assists to identify the elements of a scene that are in focus.

For a more creative visual expression, creators can also play around with the camera’s simultaneous creation of time-lapse movies during interval-timer photography.

The Nikon Z 5 is easy to handle as it features intuitive operation via a touch screen, and its customizable ‘i-Menu’ provides shortcuts to frequently used settings in one interface. This camera is versatile and can store creations more effectively with its double SD memory card slots. Also, you can customize your settings with your own effects! The Nikon Z 5 has 20 different types of Creative Picture Control, which work like your favourite app filters and apply to both stills and movies, so your creations get an immediate uplift.

Compact and lightweight, the Nikon Z5 weighs only 675g (approx.). With a robust and durable body, it features dust-and-drip resistance. The camera supports long hours, due to its battery’s new increased capacity. The camera can be charged on the go, as it allows for USB charging and linking the USB connectivity to a power bank as a continuous power supply.

Leave your FOMO (fear of missing out) behind and be a part of the NIKKOR family. Those delving into the expansive world of photography and videography will appreciate the Z mount system with Nikon’s wide selection of high-performance NIKKOR Z lenses.

The NIKKOR Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3, in particular, is a portable and lightweight kit lens that is great for first-time full-frame users. Its versatile focal length range covers a wide variety of scenes and is optimal for street photography, which makes it a great addition for those who love to capture the beauty of their travels.