Eaton introduces its next-gen Emergency Lighting central battery system

Eaton has introduced DualGuard-S, its next-gen scalable Emergency Lighting central battery system for medium to large buildings. It utilizes Eaton’s technologies in flexible switching to speed up planning, installation and commissioning.

Ashraf Yehia, Managing Director for Middle East at Eaton

The DualGuard-S central battery system reliably supplies power for emergency luminaires and can be seamlessly integrated into Eaton’s emergency lighting portfolio comprising safety luminaires, escape sign luminaires, low power supply units and automatic luminaire test systems.

On Installation, DualGuard-S utilizes Eaton’s patented STAR technology, which allows commission, monitor and setting multiple switching modes on the same circuit, with no additional luminaire data cable requirement. The innovative ACU Bus removes the need for duplicate wiring and modules to control Eaton luminaires across multiple systems. With the web controller, any changes can be managed through the software rather than physical cabling changes, so there are savings in cabling costs, and the number of circuits is reduced.

A host of automatic fault detection & monitoring solutions are available including battery string and optional battery block monitoring, with detailed information on the status of each battery block, including temperature and overall battery health.

On set up the system looks for addresses of all luminaires on the system, these can then be named in a logical pattern for the building owner and maintenance team. Any system changes or additions can be easily configured with the auto search function. All required function and duration tests are automatically scheduled and recorded, simplifying maintenance, service and inspection.

Wireless communication speeds up the setup of the soft addressable sensors, thereby, making for much simpler and quicker installation.

As well as the standard test and monitoring feature you would expect from a central battery system such as automatic log bookkeeping and automated function and duration testing, DualGuard-S also features:

• Battery string monitoring, up to max. 4 battery strings, or with the optional detailed battery block monitoring on each battery block including voltage and temperature

• Isolation monitoring and phase monitoring with test button

• Weak battery indication to avoid damage to remaining cells

DualGuard-S also incorporates addressable charger technology that increases the reliability of the charger and further reduces maintenance costs.

The new range of low power battery block sensors reduces operational complexity through improved monitoring and testing, with the results and messages available via email. The findings can also be viewed through the TFT display or the VisionGuard visualization software. This level of early warning helps to keep the system in full health and lowers running costs for building owners.

The system is easy to program and edit, right down to luminaire level remotely via the Web-enabled, cybersecure interface or via the intuitive colour touchscreen LED display.

Maintenance managers can then easily setup access permission via the LED display to prevent unauthorized operation. All essential system information is visible at a glance, via an intuitive menu, available in multiple languages. An integrated web interface is supplied as standard, allowing messages such as power failure, deep discharge protection, charging battery faults, isolation faults, control circuit faults and the device status can be sent to up to 6 email addresses.

Eaton’s is the first Emergency Lighting Web controller to meet the exacting UL cybersecurity standards.

DualGuard-S provides a solution to both the consultants and building owners to ensure their costs are controlled whilst occupants have clear guidance on evacuating the building, improving safety for all.