InterSystems TrakCare leads the fight against COVID-19

InterSystems has been both implementing and enhancing its InterSystems TrakCare unified healthcare information system to help its customers in the fight against the global pandemic.The company’s wider portfolio of products, including the InterSystems IRIS data platform, InterSystems IRIS for Health, and InterSystems HealthShare were also leveraged around the world during the crisis.


In use in 27 countries at more than 450 hospitals and countless laboratories worldwide, TrakCare offers a light footprint system, mobile-friendly user interface, and flexibility of configuration that drive rapid deployment, ease of adoption, and ease of use for clinicians to make decisions. Throughout the ongoing crisis, InterSystems has worked with existing customers to identify enhancements that assist acute care services and better manage the challenges presented by COVID-19.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) InterSystems partnered with Pure Health, the largest laboratory operator in the Gulf Cooperation Council with a network of 118 labs and over 1000 healthcare professionals, to implement TrakCare Lab Enterprise for its Covid19 labs in a record two weeks. The implementation supports the UAE’s COVID-19 initiatives, accelerating testing for the virus by streamlining workflows and making data easily accessible for all parties.

“We are glad to partner with InterSystems to adopt TrakCare Lab Enterprise solution to empower us to effectively manage our role in the initiative to contain COVID-19 in the UAE. We pioneered to be present in all the airports in the UAE as Pure Health have been appointed to screen incoming passengers.” said Adnan Asif, Chief Technology Officer at Pure Health. “We have been collaborating with healthcare providers and authorities in this screening initiative across the nation since the onset of the outbreak, which has enabled Pure Health to conduct COVID-19 tests in more than 15 collection centers and four processing locations in the UAE. We have built up the capacity to run 80,000 tests per day, which is the largest testing capacity by a single operator globally outside of China.”

In addition, the TrakCare product has been further enhanced to support telehealth, enabling hospital clients to launch sessions for remote patient care. InterSystems also changed its own procedures for go-lives to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis.