Rackspace aids Aramex’s transformation to cloud

Rackspace Technology today announced that Aramex is in the process of migrating from on-premise data centers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) following a comprehensive Professional Services consultation. Working with Rackspace Technology Aramex is also provided with expert cloud security, compliance services and the ability to leverage data analytics, ultimately enabling it to become cloud-native.

Mohammed Sleeq, Chief Digital Officer at Aramex

“Our journey to becoming cloud-native is vital to the future growth and innovation of the business,” said Mohammed Sleeq, Chief Digital Officer at Aramex. “Modernizing our core landscape is more important than ever before given the current industry dynamics which is fueled by the consistent growth of e-commerce. We embarked on a pivotal shift of our IT environment and the collaboration between our internal team and that of AWS and Rackspace Technology is critical to the success of the program.”

In the next stage of the project, Rackspace Technology will be working closely with Aramex on the modernization of the company’s extensive 60+ applications.

“Working with Aramex is a hugely exciting project for us,” said George Pawlyszyn, General Manager, Middle East and Africa, Rackspace Technology. “Aramex has already noticed such important benefits from our work together, which is great validation for the efforts of all involved. The ongoing work will further enhance its market-leading position allowing for even more innovation and agility.”