Pure Health signs an agreement with BIOS Middle East

UAE-based Pure Health has signed an agreement with BIOS Middle East to host Pure Health’s core Laboratory Information System (LIS) on CloudHPT. An intricate infrastructure of over 20 servers was delivered in under two days to Pure Health for application installation and testing. All servers, networking, storage, security and backups are fully managed by BIOS, ensuring Pure Health only focuses on the LIS application.

Adnan Asif, Chief Technology Officer at Pure Health

Purehealth hosted LIS is an automated platform that reads and collects patient’s data, resulting in minimal manual input and accelerating the screening process. Purehealth takes pride in adapting to state-of-the-art technologies in their vision of being an advanced data-driven organization capable of meeting the increased expectations for modern pathology services. Even in its emergency response to the Covid19 situation, Purehealth IT has adopted multiple technologies to streamline operation and integrated with government entities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

“BIOS Middle East is pleased to be the cloud partner of Pure Health. We look forward to working with Pure Health and supporting them with a clear, secure and simple path to the cloud,” said Dominic Docherty, Managing Director, BIOS Middle East.

“CloudHPT’s fixed pricing and comprehensive support makes it easy for Pure Health to meet its strategic and business goals,” said Adnan Asif, Chief Technology Officer at Pure Health.