iProtoXi announces the launch of iProtoXi Aistin IoTLAB

iProtoXi has announced the launch of the iProtoXi Aistin IoTLAB – a full-stack IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) platform that accelerates a new product idea from proof of concept (PoC) to pilot and production stage in a structured and defined way in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

Janne Kallio, CEO and Co-founder ,iProtoXi

iProtoXi’s Aistin IoTLAB is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one professional IoT platform solution ready for deployment. With Aistin IoTLAB an organization can start its own IoT deployment with versatile Aistin sensor devices and acquire data from the cloud for further analysis and development of AI capabilities and outcomes.

The platform enables customers to accelerate their go-to-market and shorten the product time to market.

Janne Kallio, CEO and Co-Founder, iProtoXi, said the company will be driving the marketing and sales of the platform through the region’s leading IT and technology distribution companies and channel partners. “Our focus in the initial phase is the GCC region with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) targeted for Aistin IoTLAB’s launch in the Middle East,” he said.
Kallio said iProtoXi has appointed Vendor Junction as its regional office for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and South Asia.

The transformative nature of Aistin IoTLAB platform is suited to any industry that wants to initiate the digital transformation journey. The company stated that the latest security standards and technologies have been integrated into the Aistin IoTLab offering.