gig-Jordan announces successful implementation of HPE Primera

gig – Jordan announced the successful implementation of HPE Primera for its Jordan based datacenter.

gig Jordan

This is part of a technology data center refresh project that includes server and storage consolidation, where gig – Jordan has installed the HPE Primera A630 All-Flash SAN storage that provides 100% availability of services.

The technology refresh at gig –Jordan includes new computing and storage resources to accommodate enhanced virtual workload and as well as new applications that require faster access to storage resources.

HPE Primera leverages AI capability of HPE Info Sight to deliver simplicity, availability, and performance for mission-critical applications. It delivers a simple, consumer-grade user experience for mission-critical Storage, raising the expectations with 100% availability and predictable performance for application workloads.

Using HPE OneView, gig – Jordan can transform the datacenter into software-defined infrastructure and automate tasks and accelerate business. It can also monitor and manage the servers, storage, hypervisor and other components from a single interface that simplifies system administrators work and accelerates business.

By activating HPE Info Sight, gig – Jordan can manage this digitally transformed infrastructure and solve their challenging problems by using artificial intelligence.

HPE Info Sight eliminates infrastructure management problems by predicting and resolving 86% of issues automatically, releasing 85% of gig time managing problems, and making their systems smarter and more reliable.

Other expected benefits are:
• 100% guaranteed availability of services and data
• Non-disruptive expansion and upgrades
• Higher uptime
• Better performance
• Faster response to new business requirements