NVIDIA to acquire Cumulus Networks

NVIDIA is all set to acquire Cumulus Networks boosting its networking software capabilities that will enable a new era of the accelerated, software-defined data center.

With Cumulus, NVIDIA can innovate and optimize across the entire networking stack from chips and systems to software including analytics like Cumulus NetQ, delivering great performance and value to customers. This open networking platform is extensible and allows enterprise and cloud-scale data centers full control over their operations.

In a blogpost, Amit Katz, the Vice President Ethernet Switch at Mellanox, a company which recently NVIDIA acquired said, “Today, the ONIE environment Cumulus created is a software foundation for Mellanox’s bare-metal switches. Together, we built DENT, a distributed Linux software framework for retail and other enterprises at the edge of the network. And our Onyx operating system continues to expand, especially in Ethernet Storage Fabrics (ESF).”

NVIDIA’s approach to creating both the hardware and software for accelerated computing expands deeper into networking software with Cumulus. The ability to innovate across the entire technology stack will help us deliver performance at scale for the accelerated, software-defined data center.

“We’re delighted to join forces with Cumulus and look forward to the innovations we’ll deliver to customers together.” Katz added.