Bosch enhances its DICENTIS Conference System platform

Bosch has enhanced its IP-based DICENTIS Conference System platform with the introduction of new DICENTIS Flush language selector and a platform-independent interface that supports the integration of third-party control touch panels. With these two new entrants, Bosch has extended the interpretation product lineup in its IP-based conference system portfolio, ensuring companies in the UAE are supported with seamless connectivity.

Bosch’s IP-based DICENTIS Conference System

Commenting on this development, Hakan Ozyigit, Regional Director of Security Systems & Building Technologies at Robert Bosch Middle East FZE said, “The FLUSH language selector is an intuitive device that supports up to 100 interpreter-provided languages, and will serve as a great tool for companies in the UAE because of various dialects spoken among the expatriate community. DICENTIS will also empower meeting organizers by controlling all the functions in a meeting via a single device due to the introduction of integrated third-party control touch panels. This will further enhance the visibility of the status of all connected devices in a conference setup.”

“These two new enhancements to our IP-based conference system will strongly support the companies in the UAE who are committed to adopting emerging technologies to streamline their business priorities and achieve their innovation agenda”, he added.

DICENTIS Flush language selector
The new DICENTIS Flush language selector from Bosch is a user-friendly solution for multi-lingual meetings where simultaneous interpretation is required. This launch extends the interpretation product lineup in the Bosch IP-based conference system portfolio. The intuitive language selector serves passive listeners such as meeting delegates or journalists, making it an ideal choice for parliaments and international conventions and events.

DICENTIS enables more cost-effective installations by taking advantage of existing IP infrastructure and utilizing PoE. The new language selector integrates seamlessly with the DICENTIS Conference System platform, which is based on the powerful OMNEO media networking architecture. Once connected, it automatically adopts the DICENTIS interpretation settings, ensuring efficient routing of the selected language. This is achieved instantly and requires no extra configuration or system restart. Up to 100 interpreter-provided languages are supported, streamed from the DICENTIS Interpreter desk via an IP network.

The DICENTIS Flush language selector will be available worldwide from April 2020 onwards.

Integration of third-party control touch panels
With its software update V3.2, the DICENTIS Conference System offers a new platform-independent secure and scalable interface based on JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and web sockets. The system now supports seamless connectivity with conference management and control devices – such as touch panels and video switchers from third-party suppliers – via a software interface that operates independently from computer operating systems, including Microsoft Windows.

Integration of third-party control touch panels is supported in all current versions of the DICENTIS Conference System. Based on the recent software update, the system’s functionality and controls can now be further developed, also in partnerships with more hardware suppliers and touch panel manufacturers.