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Etisalat and Arabtec enter into a strategic partnership

Etisalat and Arabtec enter into a strategic partnership


Etisalat announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Arabtec to provide fully digitalized solutions in a bid to accelerate its digital transformation journey.


Etisalat will be digitalizing Arabtec’s workforce, migrating its datacentre to the Microsoft cloud, all the way to automating its existing process with Etisalat’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey. RPA is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) tools to automate high-volume and repetitive manual tasks that previously required human input.

Under the partnership, Etisalat will enable Arabtec to drive into the modern workplace by migrating its workforce to Office 365 and move its digital infrastructure to the Azure cloud.

Utilizing Etisalat’s IoT workforce management solution, Arabtec will digitalize time and labour processes, simplify absence management and enable strategic business insights at the construction site. Etisalat will also digitalize Arabtec’s existing process by introducing robotics to the workplace, resulting in improved efficiency, higher productivity and greater project completion rates.

Salvador Anglada, Group Chief Business Officer, Etisalat, said: “We are pleased to offer a wide range of digital solutions to Arabtec, one of the leading construction companies in the UAE, and set a benchmark in the construction sector. Through this strategic partnership, we, at Etisalat, look forward to empowering Arabtec with the latest digital technologies and smart solutions aimed at increasing operational efficiency, brand reputation and recognition.”

Peter Pollard, Group CEO, Arabtec, said: “We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Etisalat. A partnership intended to drive forward our digital transformation journey by digitizing Arabtec’s workflows and processes, introducing along the way Artificial Intelligence tools and smart solutions to further improve our productivity, efficiency, and project delivery. This partnership aligns with Arabtec’s core strategy in many fronts, accelerating our digital transformation, creating great experiences, and unlocking productivity.”

“With an ever-increasing requirement of cloud adoption, our very first Middle East datacentres launched in the UAE promises intelligent cloud technology to soar across industries and leverage a range of ground-breaking innovations which help in better customer engagement, empower employees, optimize operations and transform products and services,” said Sayed Hashish, Regional General Manager, Microsoft UAE. “Microsoft and Etisalat share a vision of enabling organizations like Arabtec to accelerate their digital endeavours and empowering them to be agile, lower service latency and ensure better performance.”



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