We are facilitating strong partnerships

Channel Post MEA in conversation with Firas Saifan, Managing Director, Technology Strategies Middle East (TSME) explaining the journey over the years.

Firas Saifan, Managing Director, Technology Strategies Middle East

How has TSME evolved over the years?
Over the years, TSME has grown through careful selection of the right partners and technologies, as well as building strong alliances with our vendors. We managed to achieve a growth rate of 60% year on year, with a total cumulative growth of more than 700% from the base year.

Which key technologies do TSME represent?
Over the years we have consolidated our business and today we offer technologies that drive our business are:

Process Management and Business Architecture
TSME has been working with ARIS since 2002, and is considered the first local UAE partner for ARIS
Integration and Automation (webMethods ESB, BPMS)

TSME has enriched its offering by adding webMethods from Software AG product portfolio, a change that has moved TSME into the digital word, a decision that was adopted in 2012, and currently we are handling one of the biggest transformation projects in UAE using webMethods tools.

RPA from Automation Anywhere
In 2016, we understood the importance of digital workforce and after a lot of due diligence we partnered with the world’s leading RPA vendor, Automation Anywhere. Currently, all TSME services are grouped and articulated around the concept of digital workforce.

Conversational AI from COGNIGY
With the pressure to introduce Artificial Intelligence capability to the market, TSME researched for the best technologies that can adapt to change and can be extended to cover different streams of AI, so partnered with COGNIGY, the growing conversational AI in 2018 and has started its implementation in the Gulf market

Who are you major customers and how would you evaluate the technology landscape in the region?
We in TSME do not classify our clients as major and minor, each customer is important and every customer has his own unique needs and requirements.

The technology landscape in the region is still evolving and we believe that region need to enhances its technology capabilities as well as needs to focus on developing its own products and solutions, which can be integrated with international products and technologies to serve the specific requirements of Middle East.

We have worked hard in this direction and have been able to develop our own product ‘CUBES’, an Performance Management system that has been completely integrated with ARIS and CUBES have several successful implemenations to its credit across the region.

How can partners (vendors, distributors, channel partners) work effectively to generate growth in the channel?
We believe in synergy, working together will bring better results and creating a strong eco-system of partners always yield better value to all partners in the channel.

How would you define the evolution of channel in 2019 and where is it headed in 2020?
I believe Channel business in 2019 have reached out for new levels, more competition, more partners, and more products. This fact has stacked the market with different products and have introduced new channels and distributors in the market, thereby putting high pressure on everyone in terms of margins and complexity of business.

I believe this trend will continue in 2020 and that is why local partners must find solutions to work together, which will eventually bring better value to all. This is something I foresee happening in 2020, as here in TSME, we are already facilitating strong partnerships, partnerships the fill the gaps in our offering and has given us the chance to focus on vertical solutions rather than growing more channels and more products. Focus is the key!