Home News Panasonic launches world’s smallest 50K lumens native 4K projector
Panasonic launches world’s smallest 50K lumens native 4K projector

Panasonic launches world’s smallest 50K lumens native 4K projector


Panasonic has announced the launching of the PT-RQ50K – the world’s smallest 50,000 lumens laser projector with native 4K resolution – in the Middle East. A single body, 3-Chip DLP 4K+ Laser Projector, the PT-RQ50K features new red and blue SOLID SHINE laser-phosphor technology to deliver vibrant, pure and powerful color reproduction for a truly immersive audience experience across live events and themed entertainment.

With a compact, all-in-one body, the PT-RQ50K brings significant workflow advantages with simplified transportation as well as quick and flexible installation. Reliability is further enhanced with dual solid-state drives, backup video inputs, while the projector’s hermetically sealed optics and filter-less design contribute to up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free projection, even in severe and challenging situations.

Thameem Ahammed, Product Manager, Panasonic, said, “Panasonic has established a long and successful history in imaging and projection solutions. The launch of the PT-RQ50K only strengthens our leadership position in the market, especially with its groundbreaking image quality, swift set-up features and market leading resilience. It sets a new benchmark in projection technology, such that a single PT-RQ50K offers incomparable potential as it is bright enough to replace multiple lower-brightness projectors, which are often stacked to achieve the desired picture quality in a given venue.”

The PT-RQ50K delivers groundbreaking Native 4K resolution at 50,000 lumens with separate Blue and Red phosphor laser technology creating vibrant, pure, and emotionally powerful color reproduction. The addition of Red laser technology delivers an enhanced color gamut, delivering an image closer to Rec. 2020 and the SMPTE2120 color specification.

The single body PT-RQ50K is half the size (under 370l) and weight (under 130kg) of competitor projectors, and does not require any additional external chillers or laser racks, thus bringing significant work flow advantages by reducing the time and cost of transport and installation. Ergonomically designed handles and built-in eyelets allow the projector to be easily moved and installed without the need of a rental frame.

It is also built with Panasonic’s Geometry Manager Pro software, removing the need for additional installation and delivering valuable features such as geometric adjustment, edge blending, color matching, brightness control and masking. Additionally, a small LCD screen has been included in the device, alongside the input ports, to aid simple set-up and to check status information and error messages. A new Remote Preview function, meanwhile, allows installers to connect their PC to the device via a LAN cable to preview content remotely while the projector shutter is still in place. The device also works with the upgraded Panasonic Smart PJ Control app, which allows installers to focus faraway screens from their smart phone.

Boasting optimized design features, the PT-RQ50K has been developed with dual solid-state laser-phosphor drives, dual power supplies, redundancy circuits for laser modules, and backup video inputs. Hermetically sealed optics and filter-less design, meanwhile, contribute to 20,000 hours maintenance-free projection in severe conditions.



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