Pure Storage announces major portfolio enhancements

Pure Storage has announced major additions to its Cloud Data Services portfolio that will enable customers to more impactfully deploy hybrid clouds. These solutions enable the portability of applications to and from Amazon Web Services (AWS) with minimal re-architecture and allow customers to leverage public cloud economics for any use case.

Rob Lee, Chief Architect, Pure Storage

Cloud Block Store (CBS) for AWS, delivers true hybrid operations for customers by providing consistent data services, resiliency and bi-directional mobility. This enterprise-grade block storage is delivered natively in the public cloud and provides a unified management and consumption experience. Cloud Block Store enables mission-critical applications to run in the cloud seamlessly and makes cloud storage more powerful for web scale applications.

Purity CloudSnap maximizes the cloud’s potential for backup storage with intelligent and efficient data transfer to the cloud. CloudSnap, enabled with AWS, is now available as a multi-cloud solution and can be leveraged in Microsoft Azure as well.

Additionally, CloudSnap offers rapid recovery both on-premises and in the cloud to Cloud Block Store, enabling customers to meet demanding service level agreements (SLAs) and compliance policies with array and volume-level recovery that is both easy and cost-effective.

“Private and public cloud storage too often operate in separate worlds,” said Rob Lee, Chief Architect, Pure Storage. “As more and more customers adopt hybrid cloud, it’s critical that their infrastructure is optimized for data mobility. Pure’s Cloud Data Services exists to bridge the divide for customers and deliver the full value of data across any project or initiative.”