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Toshiba launches 16TB internal hard drive

Toshiba launches 16TB internal hard drive


Toshiba recently announces the addition of new 16TB helium-sealed models to both the N300 and X300 Series of internal hard drive. The 16TB models offer 14% more capacity than 14TB models. The 16TB models also double the buffer size of the 14TB models, increasing from 256MB to 512MB.

The 16TB N300 and X300 Series utilize a 9-disk helium-sealed design, delivering increased storage density with a lower hard drive operating power profile. Toshiba’s laser welding technology and case design keep the helium securely sealed inside an industry-standard 3.5-inch2 drive enclosure.

“Toshiba’s 16TB N300 and X300 deliver new levels of storage capacity and density while offering improved power efficiency utilizing our advanced helium-sealed design,” said Hirohisa Fujiki, senior manager of storage products sales and marketing division at Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation.

“The 16TB N300 and X300 show Toshiba’s commitment to advancing HDD design to meet the evolving storage needs for performance, gaming, and small office NAS applications. As file size continues to grow, the 16TB capacity will enable both gamers and NAS users to efficiently store and access large amounts of data.” he added.

The N300 Series is ideal for applications like home office and small business NAS and private cloud storage, with up to eight drive bays supported. Designed for 24/7 operation, the N300 Series has a workload rating of up to 180TB/year, 7200rpm performance and integrated sensors to compensate for rotational vibrations.

Designed for PC and high-end desktop workstations, the X300 Series delivers 7200rpm performance, drive stabilization technologies for improved reliability and Toshiba’s cache technology to optimize cache allocation during read/write to provide high-level performance in real time.

The N300 NAS series includes a 3-year limited warranty, and X300 Performance series includes a 2-year limited warranty. The 16TB N300 and X300 models are expected to be available in Q4’2019.



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