‘Mobile photography will never overtake the professionalism of camera photos’

The global market for cameras and lenses is on the decline owing to a spurt in mobile camera photography. However, the advantage is that once people get to know more about photography, they wish to acquire better products and shoot using professional cameras, said  Murat Gebeceli, Head of Digital Imaging, Sony MEA,  speaking to Channel Post.

Murat Gebeceli, Head of Digital Imaging, Sony MEA

There is massive interest in photography and videography in the Middle East, especially with mobile cameras becoming smarter and better, Gebeceli said. “However, there are no fears at all that mobile photography will completely overtake camera capture. This is because, like I said, once people understand the pleasure of photography, they wish to acquire better devices. And then they turn to premium cameras. That’s where we step in. At Sony, we are always in tune with what our customers need, and this is reflected in the robust demand for our products,” he added.

In fact, Gebeceli pointed out, the market for professional interchangeable-lens cameras – particularly the full-frame segment – is growing 30 to 40 per cent. And with further innovations, the sector is rapidly becoming more appealing to consumers.

Another trend in photography, Gebeceli said, is the increase in the number of youtubers and vloggers. “These days, people are making money off you tube and videos, and so the demand for compact, fast and accurate cameras that outperform their mobile phone counterparts has been on the rise,” he added. “Also, nobody wants to carry around cameras that weigh 6 kgs, but instead prefer ones that can easily fit into their bag or pocket. Camera technology is addressing this as well.”

According to Gebeceli, pre-orders for the just released Sony ALPHA 7R IV camera have been so enthusiastic, that demand has overtaken supply, The Sony ALPHAA 7R IV is a photographer’s delight and is guaranteed to make content capture a joyous and pleasurable experience,” he said.

He added that Sony hopes to stay ahead of competition by regularly innovating and improving the customer experience. “We also hope to make pricing more competitive for lenses and cameras and draw in more customers.”