Ranplan Wireless partners with Massilatech UAE

Ranplan Wireless has announced a new reseller partnership with leading Middle East systems integrator Massilatech UAE to distribute Ranplan Professional, the world’s first combined 5G in-building and outdoor network planning tool for dense urban environments.

The partnership will facilitate a new way to efficiently and accurately plan 5G networks to cope with the increasing demand for data consumption and capacity across indoor and outdoor environments.

The digital transformation to 5G is already boosting the region’s economy, with rollouts in UAE, the KSA and Qatar already complete and many others in the pipeline. 5G will enable a wide range of innovative applications built around technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) and will support an ‘on demand’ user experience for mobile gaming, along with video and music streaming.

“This valuable partnership will enable us to expand our presence in this strategically important region with a highly respected partner with strong local connections and practical experience of rolling out the first 5G deployments,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO Ranplan Wireless Group AB. “With the rapid pace at which the Middle East is embracing 5G, mobile operators will be looking to deploy a tool that can accurately plan 5G indoor and outdoor networks in coordination to cope with the explosive growth in data consumption across dense urban areas. 5G offers faster connectivity, lower latency and ultra-reliability and when planned and deployed correctly it significantly enhances user quality of experience and opens-up opportunities for businesses to boost competitiveness.”

Designing and planning 5G networks presents a variety of technical challenges; in particular, how to design for short range, high frequencies that can still cope with demanding indoor and outdoor coverage and high capacity levels. The Ranplan solution is an all-in-one, heterogeneous network planning, optimisation and simulation tool for Small Cells, DAS and Wi-Fi, supporting 3G, 4G/LTE, CBRS, 5G and IoT technologies. The platform offers users a true 3D ray-tracing model covering frequency bands from 100MHz up to 100GHz, supporting 5G, Massive MIMO, 3D beamforming and mmWave technologies.

As 5G network trials ramp up, and with more deployments scheduled for 2019, Ranplan’s Flagship platform, Ranplan Professional, meets the growing and urgent demand for a new generation of design tools capable of planning 5G networks using the latest simulation and predictive modelling techniques. Ranplan Professional helps mobile operators to reduce CAPEX/OPEX by up to 30% and enables system integrators to increase design productivity by up to 50%.

“Massilatech UAE is delighted to partner with Ranplan Wireless as this will enable us to provide our customers with the world’s most advanced and powerful integrated 5G indoor and outdoor RF planning platform,” said Soha A. Jalil, General Manager of Massilatech UAE. “Ranplan’s all-in-one solution and our in-country local technical support will help ensure we meet our customers’ KPIs, especially in terms of high accuracy of designs, increase in design productivity and reduced CAPEX/OPEX,” she added.