FUJIFILM unveils its new long-range surveillance camera

FUJIFILM is all set to launch its new long-range surveillance camera equipped with built-in lens, SX800 on July 26, 2019 marking the company’s entry into surveillance camera market. The SX800, developed with the cutting-edge optical technology and image processing technology, featuring high-performance built-in FUJINON zoom lens, capable of 40x optical zoom to offer a focal length range extending to 800mm, the world’s longest telephoto coverage.

It is an epoch-making surveillance camera that features advanced image stabilization performance, fast and accurate autofocus with AF speed as fast as 0.3 second, and outstanding heat haze / fog reduction function, making it possible to instantaneously capture clear footage of a distant subject.

The SX800, the first to be launched in this initiative, is a long-range surveillance camera with 40x optical zoom to cover the focal length range from 20mm to 800mm. When combined with the digital zoom of up to 1.25x, the camera can reach the focal length equivalent to 1000mm in long-range surveillance. This means it can capture the vehicle registration plate on a car at about 1km away. Fujifilm’s proprietary image stabilization mechanism accurately controls camera shake without any time lag.

Furthermore, the use of the Rear Focus mechanism and other features delivers high-speed and high-accuracy AF, attaining focus in as fast as 0.3 second. The camera’s high-speed image processing engine achieves detection and real-time correction of heat haze and fog. These features make this model an ideal choice for conducting surveillance operations at national borders, forests and large-scale public facilities including ports, airports and highways.