Huawei’s AI portfolio debuts at recently concluded AI Everything Summit

Jinshui Liu, Chief Architect of Huawei Intelligent Computing at Huawei

Huawei participated in the first AI Everything Summit held recently in Dubai as the Platinum Sponsor for the Summit and during the event, Huawei presented its global AI development strategy to government leaders, enterprise customers, and technology partners through a series of keynotes, panel discussions, and exhibits.

Huawei showcased industry leading AI infrastructure—including its Atlas AI computing platform—which comprises cloud, edge and terminal solutions, and builds on Huawei’s longstanding commitment to delivering an all-scenario AI portfolio that enables local industries to contribute in building a fully connected, intelligent world.

Jinshui Liu, Chief Architect of Huawei Intelligent Computing, delivered the keynote address. He said: “AI Accelerates the Intelligent World” and also introduced Huawei’s Atlas AI computing platform which can help accelerate AI development, deployment, and applications.

Computing power for AI needs to be deployed not only on the cloud, but also at the edge and terminal to meet the real-time data processing for AI applications. The Huawei Atlas AI computing platform, based on Huawei self-developed Ascend series AI chips, includes a variety of product forms such as AI accelerator module, AI accelerator card, AI edge station and AI server, which meets the needs of cloud, edge and terminal all-scenario AI deployment.

The Huawei Atlas 510 AI Edge Station, an innovative exploration of one-stop edge AI deployment, made its global debut at the summit. The innovation not only provides superior edge AI computing power, but also integrates multiple designs into one package, including power supply, water-proof, dust-proof, high and low temperature tolerance, and network connection designs. It can be quickly installed and deployed along with municipal outdoor facilities, such as lamp poles, to support real-time pedestrian and vehicle analytics, accelerating intelligence.

As a new general-purpose technology, AI will benefit all industries. Huawei have forged AI solutions for multiple industry applications with ecosystem partners. Within the Summit, Huawei partners such as YITU and CCi Intelligence demonstrated AI applications in the fields such as campus, finance, power sector, medical care, and intellectual property protection, making AI applications easier to use and accelerating the intelligent transformation of the industry.

Huawei said it will continue to work with local AI developers, research institutes and ecosystem partners to provide the UAE government and enterprise customers with pervasive intelligence.