Health Insights launches new smart watch technology for the patients

Leading Healthcare IT Technology Company, Health Insights launched a new Smart watch that guarantees user better health and a doctor accompanied 24/7. The smart medical watch monitors the heart rate, oxygen saturation, pressure control and temperature of the skin and sends patient reports directly to the doctor when a crisis occurs.

Health Insights solutions and products can be used on aircraft board, for example, if a passenger has a heart problem, most of modern airlines have an Internet connection so there is no need to land in an emergency before a specialist reviews the patient’s ECG monitor and decides whether a forced landing is required so that the airline will not incur any heavy costs due to the landing decision.

Eng. Nasser Shehata, Executive Director at Health Insights, said “we have recently participated in (Arab Health) the largest international exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa and introduce our new products including the new smart watch, it was a great opportunity for us to present our services and the extent of scientific progress we have achieved”.

“The company also succeeded in designing a medical system known as “Medica Cloud Care” which is designed to work on the internal or external computer that aims to store documents and manage all health care services, medical facilities.” added Nasser.

The advanced connectivity services and solutions provided by Health Insights are not limited to work inside hospitals, radiation centers and analyzes only, but also include linking with the ambulance fleet to provide time and quick medical instructions for emergencies and others as when the patient is on the ambulance, the hospital can review the patient’s condition with the ambulance team accompanying him and redirect him to another center that has the service required for the patient.

Eng. Kareem Fathy, Director of the “Medical Devices Sector” at Health Insights, Said :” The doctor can determine the devices that to be installed for the patient depending on the situation linked to the smart watch, most of them are small and easy to carry. The new smart watch manufactured in Egypt and its accessories have been fully patented by the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research in addition to obtaining the CE European Quality marking, also the factory of the company holds the ISO 13485, dedicated to the manufacture of medical devices.