DATA4 launches D4 SMART DATACENTRE platform

Nlyte Software announced that DATA4, the data centre provider, has launched the new D4 SMART DATACENTRE platform, based on Nlyte’s DCIM 2.0 software, which will offers DATA4 customers complete, real-time visibility into the operation of their infrastructure and the IT resources hosted in DATA4’s data centres.

The D4 SMART DATACENTER enables simplified proactive management for customers, granting the agility to align IT resources with their business objectives. They can make informed decisions to manage and act with agility to improve performance.

Customers will now benefit from risk reduction, increased performance, optimising Infrastructure Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Jérôme Totel, VP, Product Development & Sales Engineering at DATA4 Group explained: “Colocation, with dispersed and prime locations, highly available infrastructure and rich interconnectivity, is becoming integral to organisations’ IT strategies. With the D4 SMART DATACENTER, DATA4 is progressively striving to address a particular, persistent pain-point for organisations: The complexity and challenge of effectively managing their hybrid IT environments.”

D4 SMART DATACENTER operation is based on four steps:

  • Datacentre infrastructure
  • Monitoring & operational tools
  • Software-defined infrastructure management
  • Smart DC portal

DATA4 manages flexible, high-performance, carrier- and cloud-neutral data centres, offering solutions from one colocation rack all the way through to purpose-built, dedicated facilities. DATA4 Group currently operates 15 data centres in France, Italy and Luxembourg, with a total net technical area of 82,000m² of IT rooms, and more than 146MW of IT power.

“DATA4 is a trusted leader in colocation services across the continent, and with Nlyte is able offer the unrivalled customer agility and cost reduction,” said Moshe Benjo, Nlyte Vice President & Head of Sales, EMEA. “We have been working together to solve the need of demanding customers with simple-to-use and effective solutions that allow full visibility into every facet of IT operations.”