Netaxis Solutions joins i3forum

Non-profit industry body focused on transformation in carrier business, i3forum announced to have added Netaxis Solutions as the full member to collaborate with global carriers and shape the future of the carrier ecosystem. Netaxis, a leading systems integrator and software developer in IP communications joins 22 other carriers and vendors globally that work together to enable innovation and transformation across the industry.Netaxis Solutions is a competence centre focussed on systems integration and the development of products to meet the specific needs of carrier customers. It offers telecom operators a full range of services, from strategic consultancy, project management, design and service delivery, maintenance and support services, and training courses on a wide range of technologies.

“We are excited to have Netaxis Solutions join the i3forum and bring its unique perspective and experience to our workgroups. The i3forum and the entire carrier community will benefit from fresh insights into IP communications and the challenges we face as an industry,” said Philippe Millet, Chairman of i3forum. “This is another great milestone for i3forum. We have seen tremendous momentum in 2018. As we add new members, we are expanding our scope and are able to address carrier challenges in new ways.”

i3forum provides a place for professionals within the carrier ecosystem to explore, share and debate the challenges that carrier businesses face on a day-to-day basis. Through industry collaboration, members across the globe come together to define best practices and share practical recommendations to create lasting benefits for the industry.“In today’s market, collaboration is essential. The carrier ecosystem is becoming increasingly interconnected and being part of the i3forum means we can actively participate and work together to shape our industry. We see membership as a natural extension of our business and an opportunity to share experiences and learn,” said Jean-Michel Hardy, COO at Netaxis Solutions. “The i3forum is a unique organisation with a critical mass of carrier members, making it possible to really change our industry. We look forward to contributing to solutions that benefit the entire carrier community.”

i3forum was founded in 2007 by 8 major international carriers. It has since welcomed various categories of members from the international telecommunications ecosystem. i3forum is a not-for-profit, membership funded forum that works closely with standardization bodies including the GSMA and the Wireless Broadband Alliance.