Emerge Gaming signs distribution agreement with Petrimex

Greg Stevens

Emerge Gaming, a leading provider of eSports capabilities, entered into an distribution agreement with Petrimex to accelerate the rollout of its Arcade X technology into new geographies in Africa.

Under the Agreement, Emerge Gaming grants Petrimex a non-exclusive, non-transferrable license to use its Arcade X technology. The Agreement allows Emerge Gaming to leverage Petrimex’ established connections with some of the largest Mobile Network Operators (“MNOs”) to expand the Arcade X userbase.

Emerge Gaming’s Chief Executive Officer, Greg Stevens, said “The Distribution Agreement with Petrimex offers Emerge Gaming a compelling opportunity to fast track the rollout of Arcade X internationally and imminently gain revenues from previously untapped African markets. Petrimex is an established player in the African VAS market boasting high calibre MNO relationships with Orange, AirTel, MTN and Zamtel. We look forward to utilising these relationships to increase user numbers for our Arcade X technology.”

Petrimex is a leading partner of Orange Telecom over Orange’s mobile Value-Added Services delivery platform in Africa and via this partnership, Emerge Gaming will enter four new countries i.e. Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Rwanda and DRC where the Arcade X platform will be marketed to up to 140 million potential subscribers.

The Agreement does not provide exclusivity to Petrimex. Each country will be assessed on a region-by-region basis and should the partnership prove successful in bringing users onto the Arcade X platform, Emerge Gaming will then assess the option of granting exclusivity.

The term of the Agreement is one year and includes an automatic renewal clause with specific KPI’s and targets that are to be met by Petrimex. Gross profits (after expenses) will be shared between the partners with 70% to Emerge Gaming as the technology partner and 30% to Petrimex as the marketing and distribution partner.