Dubai Municipality selects Dell EMC to power smart services

Dubai Municipality today announced a strategic collaboration with Dell EMC to create an integrated and agile technology foundation. This landmark project aims at driving the city’s advancing innovation agenda and contributing to the overarching goal of transforming Dubai into the world’s smartest sustainable city by 2020, by offering digitally enabled services.

Ahmad Kajoor, Chief Information Officer at Dubai Municipality

Ahmad Kajoor, Chief Information Officer at Dubai Municipality said, “We are proud to announce this strategic step forward in our journey of transformation with Dell EMC. Dell EMC’s software-defined solutions deliver a transformed IT infrastructure to automate our processes and increase operational efficiencies to provide our citizens with the best breed of smart services. We believe that a strong IT backbone is key to accelerate digital transformation and will help us come closer to our goal of achieving the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of putting Dubai on the frontline of global innovation and sustainability.”

In its role, Dubai Municipality oversees smart transformation processes and initiatives across the city to help establish efficiency and effectiveness of all public services. To realize its sustainability ambitions, in line with Vision 2020, digital readiness of the city is critical. Believing ICT to be a core building block to help achieve this vision, the entity aimed to revamp its existing IT infrastructure with revolutionary software-defined solutions and provide streamlined ways to meet the challenges of mobility, public services, and safety — while promoting sustainability through world-class smart city services.

Fady Richmany, Senior Director and General Manager, United Arab Emirates, at Dell EMC

Fady Richmany, Senior Director and General Manager, United Arab Emirates, at Dell EMC said, “We thank Dubai Municipality for sharing their futuristic vision with us that aims to provide the citizens and the wider community with sustainable and improved services. By selecting Dell EMC’s software-defined solutions, Dubai Municipality has not only established an optimized foundation to meet the current demands of the city, but also leveraged the powerful combination of world class technology critical to their ability to innovate and excel for generations to come. We take great pride in being a part of this smart transformation journey and empower IT to contribute to the vision of realizing a future-forward city.”

In addition to helping the entity in reducing the complexity of managing the IT infrastructure, the growing number of smart services and the resulting data, this solution also allows the IT staff to focus more on innovative projects, rather than maintain the infrastructure.