Nutanix fuels its channel engagement

Nutanix introduced its new channel program incentives and expanded standalone software license offerings with Dell EMC to drive the next wave of enterprise cloud adoption for its customers. With these new incentives, Nutanix will provide its partners with enhanced economics for selling Nutanix software and enable customers to have more options in how they procure industry-leading hybrid cloud and hyperconverged technologies for their data centers.

Dell EMC XC Core includes Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th generation servers and Dell EMC solution integration software for Nutanix software deployments. XC Core, available today, is an alternative to other products in the Dell EMC XC Family that allows customers to purchase the Nutanix software license separately from the rest of the appliance with access to software support directly from Nutanix’s award-winning customer service organization. Customers will be able to choose the software licensing terms and conditions that are optimal for their business needs.

Rodney Foreman, Vice President of Global Channel Sales, Nutanix

“As the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software continues to gain market traction as the next datacenter architecture, we want to provide channel sellers with additional reasons to view selling Nutanix as a core part of their portfolio. As a company that is channel-focused, we are dedicated to enabling our trusted partners to drive adoption of our innovative products. With these new incentives, we eventually hope to expand our network of partners in the marketplace who know the value that Nutanix can bring to their customers.” said Rodney Foreman, Vice President of Global Channel Sales, Nutanix.

These new channel incentive programs have been designed to encourage channel partners to promote the latest, modern infrastructure solutions. By providing partners with further reasons to educate customers on leading technologies from Nutanix, the company is giving customers increased choice beyond legacy vendor options. With this new program, customers will be guided to take advantage of the next wave of enterprise cloud adoption.

The partner incentive rebates include rewards partners with an up to 5% rebate for winning net new customers for Nutanix. And also partners will be rewarded for selling qualified XC Core nodes with Nutanix software with a rebate of up to $3,000 per node