Canon Shows Off Smart City Solutions at GITEX

Canon Middle East, a leader in imaging solutions, has announced its participation at the 37th GITEX Technology Week. The GITEX platform is increasingly relevant today as technological innovation and digital transformation within companies are progressively driving strategic business direction. In addition, there is increased collaboration between the public and private sectors across various industries to stimulate innovation, achieve digitization targets and diversify economies.

Canon is participating in two innovative and business solution driven fronts during this year’s GITEX Technology Week. Present at Dubai Internet City’s (DIC) GITEX pavilion alongside other partners, Canon is showcasing innovative solutions that support UAE’s vision for tech driven, smart cities. Canon’s solutions on display cater to the various sectors and give a look into how these sectors will evolve to meet the requirements of the ‘digital native’ generations of the future.

Anurag Agrawal, Managing Director Canon Middle East said, “This is our fourth participation at GITEX and this year we are focusing on innovative solutions that will answer to the demands of our fast-evolving world. Our collaboration with DIC goes beyond physical products of today, we are looking into the future and exploring how our daily experiences will change living in a Smart City through augmented reality, or AR, and projection immersive solutions. DIC is playing an instrumental role in enabling smart solutions to be highlighted as they start to play a significant role in our day-to-day lives, and we are excited to be part of this collaboration – especially since it reaffirms the importance of the public and private sectors working together.”

At the DIC pavilion Canon will unveil projection immersive solutions in the retail environment, office, and home environment where technology takes its cue from the user and performs commands based on an established schedule or routine of the person. For instance, in the home, the Assisted Bedroom solution would know where the resident left their wallet, tell them which clean outfit to wear that day, and switch on the lights when they are home. The Interactive Table and Projection is another instrument used for showcasing images and videos on a large projection on the wall. The content instantly becomes dynamic and provides the presenter the ability to immerse the audience into the presentation and deliver a better overall boardroom experience.

In addition, Canon will showcase a couple of AR solutions, which GITEX visitors can experience first-hand.  One of the AR solutions is retail oriented whereby shoppers can make smarter buying decisions using a tablet or smartphone from anywhere. Shoppers could browse digital catalogues from home, or at the store, and see how outfits will look or how furniture will fit in their home. From the retail businesses perspective, AR will minimize the need to display the physical product in the store and offers a more digitised outlook on the future of the industry.

At its own pavilion, Canon is showcasing a complete new value proposition for business customers comprised of various solutions establishing the company as a trusted guide, consultant and partner. The business solutions aim to address the inefficiencies of current business processes and offer heightened solutions that prepare and support businesses shift into a streamlined model for long-term growth.

“More than ever today the public and private sectors are enhancing their collaboration to address the challenges of our world today. The UAE government has led the innovation drive and created a vision of how our world would look like tomorrow. Canon’s expertise and solutions create opportunities for various industries to adapt to the changing business environment, innovate and become part of a more diversified economy,” added Agrawal.

Mai Youssef, ‎Corporate Communication & Marketing Services Director said: “We’ve been inspiring customers to explore the power of imaging for over 80 years and GITEX is the perfect platform to showcase our expertise. We have recently announced several initiatives that draw from Canon’s emphasis on innovation and we look forward to connecting with other tech pioneers and futurists from all over the world at GITEX to share best-practices.”

Canon recently unveiled its first Innovation Center in the region in Dubai to further drive collaboration between like-minded companies. Through the Innovation Center, Canon aims to bring its printing and imaging innovations and make a meaningful contribution to the government’s agenda of building smart cities, government practices, business and communities of the future in partnership with individuals and the private sector.