Nedaa and Nokia to showcase Smart and Safe City Apps

Nedaa will demonstrate, in collaboration with Nokia, a number of innovative solutions at GITEX Technology Week 2017. These solutions will focus on enabling a smart, safe and more sustainable city. The demonstrations, which will occur at the Nedaa stand located at Sheikh Saeed Hall 3. Stand No. A1, will target LTE and 5G use cases of Nedaa private LTE network capabilities to allow different organizations to deploy smart and safe applications and provide an overall better city experience.

As part of the demonstrations, a live private LTE network for mission critical communication provided by Nedaa will be used by public safety connected officers for live streaming. Live streaming of high-definition videos to the command and control center allows real-time monitoring. This capability will enable first-responders to better address the mission critical needs through various ports including land, sea, and air.

“GITEX Technology Week is widely recognized as the leading and most specialized regional ICT platform that showcases the latest related technologies, solutions and services, giving partners the opportunity to collaborate and deliver the best experiences to end users in different sectors. During the five-day show, we are excited to highlight our partnership with Nokia, which aims to provide the latest technologies tailored to the needs of the government organizations and mission-critical sectors — exactly at a time when cities around the world are being transformed into smart cities, thanks to the interconnected infrastructures and the development of high-speed networks. This event will give us the opportunity to showcase our network capabilities and solutions designed for a smart, safe and sustainable city, which complement Dubai’s Strategic Plan and ensure the integration and unification of sustainable and effective communication systems and networks in compliance with international standards,” said Mansoor Bu Osaiba, CEO of Nedaa.

Nedaa and Nokia will also demonstrate the use of LTE-connected drones to facilitate efficiency in rescuing operations for first responders. The demonstration will showcase how drones can help in real-time road and traffic monitoring as well as other drone use cases that can be implemented through Nedaa private LTE network.

The ‘Deployable LTE Network’ demonstration will showcase how Nedaa’s plug-and-play solution based on Nokia Ultra Compact Network allows first responders to communicate in remote areas that could be out of coverage, as is usually the case during a natural disaster. The robust and portable solution allows the authorities to respond and make decisions better and faster for rescuing processes in remote and rural areas with limited coverage.

Nedaa will also present how Multi-access Edge Computing can be used in video analytics use cases. As part of this demonstration, Multi-access Edge Computing technology is used to monitor the video to identify over-speeding cars. The demo illustrates how video analytics helps the authorities by providing early notification of a possible public safety issue.

Nedaa will also put on display the deployment of “New Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Incident Management Solution” over Nedaa LTE private network that will include call logger, dispatching, and other integrated interfaces, which allows decision makers to manage their operations with different escalation rules as well as reporting capabilities, and to serve as the central coordinating needs.

As a further step of Nedaa’s vision to fulfill the continuous requirements of huge data during mass events, the 5G Stadium demonstration showcases how the concept of network slicing can be used to address the requirement of different stakeholders, including broadcasters and public safety professionals.

Joachim Wuilmet, Head of Customer Marketing and Communications at Nokia, MEA, said: “We are honored to work with Nedaa to demonstrate these technologies in order to enhance the safety and quality of people’s lives. Nokia is at the forefront of driving the use of LTE in mission critical communications and in developing applications for smart cities. We are ideally placed to support Nedaa in its endeavor to provide best-in-class technological solutions for a safe, smart and sustainable city.”