TAITRA Conducts Smart Energy Seminar in Dubai

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) has always been instrumental in promoting foreign trade. In its mission for a greener future, TAITRA, recently held a Smart Energy Seminar in the city, where Suo-Hang Chuang, Vice Chairman, TAITRA, led a delegation of four established Taiwanese suppliers to the UAE.

These suppliers have made considerable progress in the field of energy efficient solutions, thus giving UAE domestic companies an opportunity to discuss trade and investment cooperation with their Taiwanese counterparts. At the same time, the seminar also helped the Taiwanese firms get the exposure they need to take their Smart Energy products internationally.

Working towards a more energy-efficient future, the Taiwanese delegates consisted of Dr. Shuo-Yen Chou and Steven Young, distinguished professors from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology; Jason Lin, Assistant Vice President, NexPower Technology Corporation; Johnny Ku, Marketing Director, Yushi Industrial Co.Ltd; and Kevin Luo, Manager, Tatung Co.

The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology talked about conserving energy in constructions. This is done by employing cutting edge technologies and using Heat Insulation Solar Glass in buildings to make them self sufficient. NexPower Tech Corp, Energy-Harvest smart glass provider spoke about their cutting-edge Eco Smart Glass to harvest solar energy.

Yushi Group, with their vision to a greener future, has developed various types of Energy efficient glass options designed to benefit both, commercial and residential use. Tatung Co. manufactures AMI smart meters and AMI related products. They highlighted how smart metering systems can help utilities more cost-effectively manage their energy.

Suo-Hang Chuang, Vice Chairman, TAITRA said, “We are focused on strengthening our trade relations with the UAE. Taiwan’s dynamic economy is full of opportunities and TAITRA has attempted to evolve trade promotion strategies to suit the changing international scenario. We believe that energy has become a point of concern as cities continue to expand. A truly developed city will be a smart city that employs energy conserving solutions. Taiwanese energy companies have been working on providing energy solutions and we are glad to share them with our partners here.”

Johnny Ku, Marketing Director, Yushi Industrial Co.Ltd  said,“ We are honoured to be a part of this platform. Yushi has always worked to redefine glass and has gained prominence in the hi-tech glass industry in Taiwan. We are confident that we will see many successful partnerships in the UAE as well.”