Stage Intelligence Launches Accessible AI Programme for Bike Share Schemes

Stage Intelligence, the leading provider of Bike Share Scheme management solutions, has launched its accessible Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme to support small-to-medium Bike Share Scheme operators with affordable Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Operators with up to 2,000 bikes can leverage AI with real-time data and self-organising algorithm capabilities with Stage’s limited time introductory offer.

Stage Intelligence, founded in 2011, specialises in using AI solutions to tackle some of the most complex problems in transportation and the shared mobility market. In public Bike Share Schemes, Stage has been highly successful in supporting operators around the world in collecting data and optimising redistribution efforts. Operators are seeing more than 20% reduction in costs through improved operational efficiency with the BICO Solution. The introductory offer is levelling the playing field in a rapidly growing industry.

“Up until now, AI has been limited to the largest players in the market and required significant investment to develop and implement. Our accessible AI programme allows small and medium sized players to adopt new technology and use it to grow,” says Tom Nutley, Business Development Director at Stage Intelligence. “Bike Share Scheme operators globally can deploy AI and simplify how they manage their schemes. We are enabling more riders to enjoy an optimised Bike Share experience.”

BICO has been purpose-built to remove complexity and accelerate decision making. Through intelligence on weather conditions, seasonality, city events and a near infinite number of factors, operators can stay ahead of fluctuating demand. BICO enables Bike Share Scheme operators to take a smarter approach to redistribution by moving away from the traditional schedule or dispatch-based approach and eliminate wasted journeys.

“The shared mobility market is only the beginning for Stage and there are applications of our software in all aspects of transportation from public transit to optimising delivery. We have spent years enhancing our AI technology to support operators and ensure resources are there when and where people need them. Ultimately, this is what will help us to move beyond shared mobility and address the challenges of the wider industry” says Toni Kendall-Troughton, CEO at Stage Intelligence.

Stage’s BICO solution has been proactively managing one of biggest challenges in Bike Share, the availability of bikes and docking stations. Through AI, self-organising algorithms, historic and real-time data, the software has simplified management and optimised operations for Bike Share Scheme operators worldwide. Stage’s state-of-the-art AI technology will be at the forefront of how people move from A to B in the future.