VMware & Dell EMC support MOMRA KSA on digital services

As part of its strategic targets to deliver on the National Transformation Program 2020 and Saudi Vision 2030, the Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) in Saudi Arabia has created the Municipal Information Center to deliver innovative digital services to citizens and residents across Saudi Arabia.

By deploying VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform, as part of Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, MOMRA’s Municipal Information Center provides a centralized, cloud-based self-service portal for its municipalities.  The delivery of IT services is instant, automated and highly available, enabling MOMRA to introduce new digital services to citizens 200 percent faster and reallocate 30 percent of IT budget to the development of future offerings, according to MOMRA.

“Working with VMware and Dell EMC, we now have a cloud platform for the rapid delivery of Municipal digital services to business and citizens across Saudi Arabia both today and tomorrow. As a result of our digital transformation, MOMRA is quickly executing on the government’s National Transformation Program 2020 in line with Saudi Vision 2030, and providing world-class government services,” said Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah, Director, Municipal Information Center, MOMRA.

“A complete, secure and centralized private cloud management platform was the top priority. And thanks to VMware and Dell EMC, we’ve built it.  We’re confident in maintaining service availability, service automation and service security. Our municipalities no longer have to focus on infrastructure and operational matters, but instead on the delivery of services to enhance the lives of our citizens and residents,” said Eng. Majed Almubbadel, IT Infrastructure Manager, Municipal Information Center, MOMRA.

With VMware vRealize Suite and Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, MOMRA constantly monitors capacity so it has visibility of the growth demands of different services, and can plan the provisioning of resources ahead of time.

MOMRA is a government agency that provides many services including urban planning, the development of villages and hamlets, environment protection and public health, all provided through 16 regional and 269 local municipalities.