OEMs critical for digital transformation

Dell EMC and leading IT market research and advisory firm IDC’s spotlight on digital transformation for VSPs predicts that enterprises who are quick to embrace digital transformation trends will outgrow their competition, with those too slow to react will struggle to survive.

Dermot O’Connell, Vice President, Dell EMC (OEM and IOT Solutions)

The report finds that many digital transformation-related technologies are still in their nascent stages but will have a profound impact across the following verticals in the next three years, and OEMs will be critical in helping VSPs take advantage of these advancements.

Dermot O’Connell, Vice President, Dell EMC OEM and IOT Solutions said, “Digital transformation is quickly becoming the banner term for organisations’ innovation strategy. But so many are still in the early stages of implementing the changes needed to bring their companies to the next level. This IDC research demonstrates how key it is that organisations understand that they are not alone in tackling this challenge – OEMs can be the answer to meeting the future head on.”

To stay competitive, VSPs should focus on constantly innovating around their key differentiators and shed as much of other aspects of their business as possible, such as manufacturing, shipping, and support. OEMs often offer customisation of their building blocks to fit VSPs’ needs and in some instances, OEMs not only supply solution components, but also manufacture, package, and ship the solution itself. As a result, IDC advises businesses to partner with a strong OEM with a digital transformation-ready portfolio in order to emerge as a market leader.