Gartner recognises Paladion’s MDR

Paladion today announced that Gartner has placed them as the representative vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and the security vendor claims to have been identified by Gartner for its advanced threat detection and incident response capabilities using their proprietary security analytics and orchestration platform, which are capabilities profiled in this research.

In this research, Gartner recommends IT security buyers: “Use MDR services to implement threat detection and incident response capabilities when they don’t exist or are immature, or when approaches such as MSS haven’t met expectations.” And this makes, Paladion one of the few large MSSPs in the MDR representative vendor list from Gartner.

Rajat Mohanty, CEO at Paladion said: “We believe our inclusion as a representative vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for MDR services validates why leading enterprises across the globe rely on our services to set up robust cyber defenses. CyberActive MDR brings in a new breed of security talent that is complemented by our advanced machine learning algorithms and security analytics platform to enable faster than ever detection and response to cyber threats.”

The Paladion CyberActive MDR is a fully managed offering that can fix the disparity between the speed of compromise and the speed of detection. Organizations using managed security services or in-house SOCs can augment their security operations using MDR, or they can set up 24/7 security monitoring, advanced threat hunting, remote incident investigation and response in place of traditional SOCs.

The company also claims that since traditional MSSPs do not offer incident remediation and security talent is at a premium, it’s CyberActive MDR service solves this problem by taking away incident validation and remediation responsibilities from enterprises, and packaging threat detection, validation and response in a single service offering.