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Red Hat Academy provides curriculum to help education institutions keep pace with the demands of industry.

Ken GoetzThe curriculum involves hands-on instruction across platform/Linux, middleware, and cloud technologies built with input from Red Hat’s development, support, and field consulting teams. Unlike generic “distribution agnostic” Linux curriculum, Red Hat’s curriculum is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the leading enterprise Linux platform. Rather than learning theoretical skills, students learn real-world skills based on use cases from thousands of enterprise implementations.

Most higher education institutions seek to prepare their graduates to be “work ready”, so it’s no surprise that many of them have incorporated Linux-related content into their curricular programs, says Ken Goetz, ‎Vice President, Global Training Services at Red Hat.

For the program to be more responsive to global demand, the following features are now globally available:

  1. Membership to qualifying universities is now free, with easy online program enrollment.
  2. Student materials are available in multiple formats: eBook, printed, or online.
  3. Academy instructors receive free access to online training courses.
  4. Academies now have multiple options for offering lab environments to their students.
  5. Simplified access to globally standardized materials, with a new web-based order process.

“We began phasing in these changes in early 2016 in order to support higher growth and scale. In this short period, we’ve seen a 273% increase in the number of academic institutions joining the program. Higher education institutions are responding to more support, accessibility, and flexibility,” explaind Goetz.

According to the company, by becoming Red Hat certified – which requires passing a performance-based lab exam – students are able to show prospective employers that they have what it takes to be successful in an enterprise environment.

To find out more and register your institution, visit the Red Hat Academy page. Join us in helping prepare the next generation of developers and IT professionals for a bright, innovative future.



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