RedSeal Announces new Enhancements and Integrations

RedSealRedSeal has announced enhancements and new integrations for its network modeling and risk scoring platform. The enhancements will give RedSeal users a single, comprehensive understanding of network security across their datacenter, cloud and software-defined networks.

The enhancements also help security teams be more productive despite ever-increasing demands by delivering actionable intelligence from RedSeal’s network modeling platform directly into Splunk’s Enterprise Security SIEM, Rapid7’s Nexpose vulnerability management software, and ForeScout’s CounterACT.

To address the ever- evolving complexities in the networks of all the Global 2000 companies, RedSeal can now model complete networks – including software-defined networks (SDNs) in VMWare NSX and enhanced modeling of Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). RedSeal provides critical visibility into access controls for these SDN environments, and alerts users to violations of customized policies they’ve established for their organizations.

“Enterprises today have complex network infrastructures with many point product security solutions,” said Ray Rothrock, chairman and CEO of RedSeal. “To improve their resilience in the face of inevitable attacks, they need a holistic view of their network that’s deeply integrated with their current security solutions.”

“Customers tell us that RedSeal’s unique information adds value to a number of their security functions,” said Rothrock, “Now they can get this information without having to open and learn another product. These apps give our customers even more productivity and efficiency, accelerating their ability to identify and respond to problems.”