Infoblox Unveils Activetrust Cloud

InfobloxInfoblox has today announced the global availability of Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud. Delivered as a service, ActiveTrust Cloud addresses the needs of global enterprises with a mobile workforce and growing branch offices which often don’t have dedicated IT staff or adequate security measures in place. The new solution provides protection for devices on or off the premises, prevent DNS-based data exfiltration, automatically stops device communications with command-and-control servers, and allows rapid investigation of threats.

Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud features include:

  • Detect and block DNS-based data exfiltration using behavioral analytics.
  • Disrupt malicious DNS-based communications to C&Cs and prevent malware from propagating.
  • Stay on top of evolving malicious domains and IPs using real-time machine-readable threat intelligence curated for low false positives.
  • Threat investigation tool for fast analysis using threat context to take action in minutes, not hours.
  • Unified management, analytics, and reporting on the premises and in the cloud. Customize policy based on business needs without DNS expertise.
  • Deep visibility and rich network context around infections and compromised devices on or off the premises.

“Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile and the number of employees working from remote locations is rising,” said Scott Fulton, executive vice president of products at Infoblox. “Remote and branch offices often don’t have the local IT resources to manage security infrastructure and end up compromising on their security posture. Infoblox offers protection for these remote users and branch office users with our easy to use SaaS service without the need to deploy infrastructure.”

Infoblox has been helping protect users on-premises for years, and is now the first and only major DDI vendor to provide organizations with an on premise and a cloud service for securing users everywhere with unified policy management, data exfiltration prevention, analytics and reporting. In addition, using Infoblox Actionable Network Intelligence, customers can use valuable context to prioritize and remediate threats rapidly.