PhotoFast to Launch New Devices and Apps at CES 2017

PhotoFast will present three new products: iType-C / 4K iReader / CR-8710, along with the new CameraRoll+ App at CES 2017.  

“As the leading brand in iOS/macOS storage devices, PhotoFast has taken into account both the demand for the USB-C interface for the new MacBook Pro, and the need for storage for the new iPhone 7 series,” said the company.


Warren Wang, CEO of PhotoFast, commented: “We will be presenting the iType-C / 4K iReader / CR-8710 products at CES 2017. Furthermore, we have invested into the PhotoFast ONE software, along with the CameraRoll+ App to complement our line of PhotoFast products. Users can easily backup photos and RAW files from the iPhone to SD cards and free up more space on their iDevices. In addition, you are able to take the SD card from drones and digital cameras, and browse photos including in RAW format, right on the Apple device.  The CameraRoll+ App also allows you to view photos/videos exported from 360° cameras.  With VR and 360° panorama photos/videos gaining popularity, CameraRoll+ is introducing a new free feature that can accommodate normal photos for sphere viewing, giving the ultimate VR experience.”