MTN Nigeria Upgrades Mobile Network

MTN, the leading mobile networks operator in Africa will fully upgrade its mobile backhaul network in Nigeria using Huawei’s IP RAN solution. This upgrade will allow MTN to provide 100 Mb/s mobile internet access to users in Nigeria which is expected to improve service experience for mobile users. This announcement was made in view of the fast expanding trend of watching videos on mobile devices in West Africa, and is devised to further promote mobile broadband development in the region.

download“To improve the service experience for mobile users, MTN has decided to build an experience-driven mobile backhaul network to improve the bandwidth and reduce the latency. This starts with launching the LTE network deployment plan. As an important part of end-to-end networks, the mobile backhaul network is vital for providing an optimal experience for users,” stated the company in a statement.

Hassan Elchami, CTO of MTN, said: “We have deep cooperation with Huawei in multiple domains, including fixed network, wireless network, application and software, data center, cyber security, and management services. I believe that Huawei’s experience-driven IP RAN solution will enable MTN to provide better user experience and achieve great business success.”

With the implementation of Huawei’s IP RAN solution, the company claims that the end-to-end ultra-bandwidth mobile backhaul network increases the bandwidth by four to five times and provides up to 100 Mb/s bandwidth experience for users.