Hisense Introduces Intelligent Wi-Fi Room AC

Hisense has announced its Intelligent Wi-Fi Room AC, which allows you to control the AC unit anywhere in the house through smart phones with Wi-Fi capability.  Moan Abraham, VP and GM for Air Conditioning at Hisense Middle East commented, “In the Middle East region, Hisense has already embarked major success with year-on-year growth of over 50% with ambitious plans to achieve double digit growth in the region.”


“We are confident that our next generation products will not only bring much desired convenience to consumers but will revolutionize the ACs industry in the Middle East. The company’s continuous success is attributed to the core technologies that are designed to suit the global and regional commercial air-conditioner industry,” he also added.

The company claims that globally, Hisense B2B companies has achieved a record sales revenue of 27% of Hisense Group’s total with profit share being 38%. The company is currently enjoying a more balanced industrial structure between its traditional B2C and new B2B business. “As a result, Hisense Group achieved US$ 11.43 billion in sales income as of the end of September 2016, an increase of 6.53% compared to last year, and profit increasing by 53.31% to reach US$ 820 million,” said the company.

After 14 years of development, Hisense’s market share in the commercial air conditioner space is already No.2 in China, with the help of its world leading VRF technology, the company further added. “Going forward, Hisense aims to use its technology to link all communities through communication and smart home products and eventually provide services to entire cities. Hisense’s B2B business will also seek to develop overseas markets together with Hisense’s existing global TV, fridge and air conditioner businesses,” the company said.