Panasonic Launches its All-in-One Hybrid Drone Ballooncam at GITEX 2016

ballooncamPanasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) has showcased this GITEX its latest drone Ballooncam.

This according to the company, is set to change the future of mega events with innovative features that enable it to produce hi-res videos, and simultaneously relay them using a projector and LEDs.

Ballooncam combines a drone with a large balloon and is designed to address the increasing demand among event organisers for innovative entertainment as the staging of events becomes more sophisticated.
Yasuo Yamasaki, Director and Division Head, System Solutions and Communications Division, PMMAF says, “Panasonic is a leader in providing innovative imaging solutions and it was ably demonstrated at the recent Rio 2016 Olympics as the official worldwide partner in Audio Visual Equipment category.”

“Panasonic has developed the Ballooncam, a prototype drone system which is a union of mobility, imaging and our display solution. This product will bring about a 360-degree change in how we watch spectator sports that will captivate audience and bring a whole new dimension to sports, musical or any mega events at large stadiums,” said Yamasaki. “We will continue to endeavour the opportunity of offering its latest technologies and to realize our commitment towards providing the customers with solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.”

The Ballooncam is powered by four propellers and can fly around event venues in sync with planned performances. As an added bonus, since the drone is completely wrapped inside of the large balloon, it can fly close to and above the audience, allowing organizers to shoot dynamic aerial footage. With a projector and LEDs it can display messages, images or signage.

“The camera can be used for a long duration as it uses the buoyancy of the large balloon and saves energy while in flight. Moreover, by optimally controlling the thrust force of the propeller, this all-new drone system realizes both excellent stability and mobility,” says Panasonic. “Panasonic’s Ballooncam can be used to push the boundaries of event production by combining this camera with other Panasonic products such as projectors.”