Intel gears up for retail push in Nigeria

Intel_LogoIntel geared up for its retail push in Nigeria with the launch of its Intel Retail Tour and In-store promotions in the cities of Benin and Ibadan.

The Tech giant has partnered with leading other leading brands such as Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Acer and Tecno to keep the momentum. It also organised training session for retailers and resellers, transferring knowledge and sharing tips and tricks for selling and buying. The company also shared its incentive plans with its retail and channel partners.

The tour both at Benin and Ibadan was a great success and it attracted lots of consumers who were happy to see a wide variety of products and brands powered by Intel and also could experience the latest devices based on Intel technology.

Adim Isiakpona, Marketing and PR Manager at Intel West Africa said, “We want more Nigerians to understand the importance of technology and the productivity it can offer them in their endeavours, and for us, the best way to do this was for the consumers to experience and see for themselves how much the PC has evolved. It is no longer huge and impossible to navigate. Now you can carry it around, flip the screen over, give touch commands, and collapse a laptop into a tablet instantly. The possibilities are endless.”