BIOSTAR unveils new Gaming Graphics Card

BIOSTAR GeForce GAMING GTX 750 Ti OC_CPBIOSTAR unveiled its latest gaming graphics card, GeForce GAMING GTX 750 Ti OC that is powered by the high-efficiency Maxwell architechture delivers stunning visuals with low power consumption.

Complimented by 2GB of GDDR5 on a 128-bit wide bus, you can play the latest games smoothly thanks to this Special GAMING OC revision designed to meet competitive gamers’ needs, its 640 CUDA cores are factory overclocked to 1127Mhz with a Boost frequency of 1178Mhz for that extra kick. Faster than reference clock speeds improves gameplay by shifting the GTX 750 Ti to overdrive, churning out more frame rates for a smoother gaming experience.

The new BIOSTAR GAMING FPS design cooler cools the full-sized PCB card and maintain ideal temperatures. Quiet operation also ensures no distraction so you can game in full immersion without worrying about noisy fans.

The GeForce GAMING GTX 750 Ti OC is designed to complement the BIOSTAR GAMING line of motherboards and it supports multiple displays via dual DVI and mini-HDMI output.