Allied Telesis expands its industrial Ethernet portfolio

Allied Telesis expands its industrial Ethernet portfolio with the launch of a feature-rich IE510 series of Gigabit stackable switches. This new Series will complement the existing IE200 Series of industrial switches and is ideal development in distribution or core switches for industrial applications.

AT-IE510-28GSXAccording to company, deploying IE200 Series along with IE510 Series stackable switches becomes a perfect solution for connecting devices for industrial use. For instance, industrial automation systems, CCTV cameras, building management systems and any place with typical harsh environments.

AT-IE510-28GSX is designed to provide the flexibility of 24 SFP bays accompanied by additional four 1/10Gbps uplink ports as well as the scalability delivered by Allied Telesis Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack). This switch also delivers all-inclusive sophisticated features available within next-gen operating system by Allied Telesis AlliedWare Plus. It includes Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing) along with the comprehensive automation using Allied Telesis Management Framework (AMF) plus scripting and triggers for optimum performance.

AMF assists the networking managers by offering the superlative technology in order to reduce their routine workload. This is done by the automating a great many common management tasks, for instance, replacement of failed units, firmware upgrading, modifying the configurations or extending the network. AMF also supports the IT administrators with a perfectly unified network management console in addition to providing zero-touch device installation as well as recovery. It helps saving the substantial time and money. It’s the key advantage gained when devices are deployed and connected.

The support for IPv6 is native to this newly launched IE510 Series and making it simple and feasible to set up and manage a fully IPv6-capable network. It has significant importance for industrial and embedded applications where a great number of devices are needed to be connected and this demand is on the high rise essentially because of the emerging trend of Internet of Things (IoT).

Seiichiro Sato, Director of Global Product Marketing at Allied Telesis said: “The Allied Telesis IE510 Series has been developed to support a broad range of critical infrastructure applications and environments where a highly reliable, feature-rich solution is required for the ever-increasing number of connected devices. Allied Telesis is committed to reducing the cost and complexity of networking, and this new family achieves that with an extensive range of features, continuing our history of innovation to meet the demands of tomorrow’s networks.”