Lenovo unveils new unified Partner Portal

Lenovo launched its new unified Partner Portal, LenovoPartner.com that features a user-friendly interface and a one-stop place for all its channel partners to get the support and information that they require via their PC, tablet or smartphones.

Lenovo_logoLenovo´s new Partner Portal will make it easier and faster for partners to get special pricing on PC’s and Servers instantly in one place, helping them to respond quickly to opportunities.

The investment in the new portal emphasizes Lenovo’s dedication to its “channel first” strategy and helps bring together all partner-relevant Marketing, Channel, BP Management and Training functionalities in one place, with one login, simple navigation and best-in-class new tools.

The portal is a centralized location where business partners can have access to personalized dashboards, latest localized news and important account details, as well as leads and numerous other asset search tools.

The new portal has replaced the previous Lenovo Partner Network (LPN) that included several subsites with separate logins/user interfaces. Over 30 unique sites to access all Lenovo information needed day-by-day have been reduced to one, and a single log in is required to access the different connected tools for the first time.

The new system will provide partner dashboards with individual as well as company information, targets and calls-to-action that can be adjusted to the partners’ needs. Also, it includes a new co-branding tool for easier joint marketing. Along with this comes a new marketing asset search tool to find product images, datasheets etc. in just a few seconds. The new portal will offer a choice of contact methods through email, phone and a new chat function, in addition to Lenovo’s LinkedIn (Lenovo Partner Community) and Twitter channel partner groups (@LenovoPartnerCommunity).

Focused on providing education, the training section of the site includes comprehensive pictorial guides and collateral as well as E-2-E marketing support.

In a statement company said, “Our new portal is an efficient platform that is designed to provide our partners with the insights they require to cultivate and simplify their channel business on daily basis. At Lenovo, we continue to design technologies that are accessible to our partners and consumers alike.”