Samsung unveils Gear VR Innovator edition

Samsung VR_CPSamsung announces the availability Gear VR Innovator Edition in UAE. The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition is the result of an integrated partnership with Oculus, creating the most immersive virtual reality experience on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition is available in Frost White for AED 799 in limited quantities at all leading retail outlets across UAE.

Leveraging the Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge‘s 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen Gear VR Innovator Edition produces good visuals and allows developers to design 360° experiences.

Gear VR Innovator Edition also has potential for innovative uses for enterprise, including realistic training simulation for vehicles or aircraft, 360° views of scans for healthcare, and interactive learning experiences for the classroom.

Samsung and Oculus have been working together with a variety of partners to illustrate the potential of Gear VR. Samsung Gear VR is powered by Oculus, and will automatically download special Oculus software to the Galaxy S56 & S6 Edge when connected for the first time.

Gear VR is equipped with a touch pad, back button, and focus adjustment wheel for an easy-to-use virtual reality device, while its flexible, lightweight materials make it comfortable for users to wear.

“Samsung is incredibly excited to launch our first virtual reality device, the Gear VR Innovator Edition. We have worked in partnership with Oculus, a leader in virtual reality technology to provide the most accessible and immersive virtual reality experience to our users. We acknowledge this is just the beginning for virtual reality entertainment and we look forward to developing further and continuously providing the best technologies for our customers.” said Hayssam Yassine, Head of the IT and Mobile Team at Samsung Gulf Electronics (SGE).