MyWiGo signs Esquire Technologies

Esquire's CEO, Mahomed Cassim (left) is satisfied with the quality of the products offered.
Esquire’s CEO, Mahomed Cassim (left) is satisfied with the quality of the products offered.

Spanish multinational, MyWiGo, has continued its international expansion into southern Africa, with the signing of a distribution agreement with Johannesburg-based Esquire Technologies,a distributor of IT, mobility, digital and consumer lifestyle products from in southern Africa.

MyWiGo believes the alliance with one of the most prestigious technology companies in South Africa will forge a new phase in its expansion, where its main goal is to lead the sale of unlocked smartphones in southern Africa.

Maximiliano Gavilán, MyWiGo CEO, recently visited South Africa to sign the agreement with Esquire’s CEO, Mahomed Cassim, and managing director, Asgar Mahomed.

Mahomed was full of praise for the MyWiGo range and said his company is “extremely satisfied” with the quality of the product offered, which unifies quality and value by offering a combination of style, powerful processing features and access to the latest apps through the latest versions of Android OS. All this is achieved at a very affordable price tag that is bound to bring a lot of excitement to the market.

“We are delighted to have forged this new partnership with MyWiGo, to bring these products to the local market,” said Mahomed.

“We are very glad to arrive in the South African market with a great ally such as Esquire,” said Gavilán. He added the agreement is another step in the process to expand the brand internationally.

“We are in several countries in Europe and Central America – and now want to lead the sale of unlocked smartphones in southern Africa to bring users a wider array of mobile offerings and experiences,” Gavilán said.

MyWiGo and Esquire aim to distribute 50 000 units of its product line in the first phase of implementation.

Esquire has over 15 years of experience in the distribution market and is one of the largest distributors in South Africa, with a presence in a number of neighbouring countries.

Esquire’s Mahomed said his company is committed to organising a promotional campaign that includes television, radio and online advertising – aimed at developing the ecosystem, and promoting the advantages and features of MyWiGo mobile in South Africa.

“The MyWiGo range will be a perfect fit to our existing mobile division, which has grown exponentially over the last two years. We believe it will be a top seller in South Africa and will have an impact on our revenues over the next 24 months.

“The full range of MyWiGo smartphones will be available through Esquire’s 500 VRN Web sites and other e-commerce sites – and these products will soon be available in retail stores across the southern African region,” Mahomed added.