Qlik shares technology insights for GCC’s growing retail sector

Qlik, a leading provider of data discovery solutions, has participated at the fourth edition of ‘InRetail Summit’ that was recently held in Dubai. Qlik’s participation at the event is in line with its strategy to partner with key players in the region’s retail industry and share insights on how the retail sector can leverage the advantages of BI technologies as a foundation to enhance customer experience and drive productivity. The session also included demos of Qlik’s latest BI solutions portfolio at their on-site booth to partners and customers at the event.

InRetail SummitAccording to Dubai FDI, the country’s retail sector is poised for strong growth and is estimated to grow around 32.9 per cent from Dhs114 billion in 2012 to reach Dhs151 billion by 2015. As the sector continues to experience unprecedented growth, business intelligence tools have become the foundation for performance management and customer intelligence for retailers seeking to build competitive advantage.

Qlik considers that BI can also play a crucial role in almost every function within the retail industry by leveraging various solutions such as the Omni-channel analytics dashboard. The dashboard allows a retailer to tie together customer information from all shopping channels, providing a complete view of a customer regardless of shopping channel and provide the basis for targeted offers through a number of different mediums (e-mail, traditional mail, or mobile device).

On the supply side, BI can help retailers identify their best performing vendors and determine key differentiating factors that make them successful. Through its BI solutions, Qlik is enabling retailers a better understanding of inventory visibility and sales analysis to improve store operations and better category management. Through a host of analyses and reports, BI can also improve retailers’ internal organizational support functions like finance and human resource management.

Kerry Koutsikos, Regional Director – MEA & Turkey at Qlik, said: “Retailers today are faced with mounting pressure to enter new sales channels, changing consumer demands, and continuing globalization, which means retail companies need business intelligence solutions that allow them to make better business decisions. At Qlik, we are committed to help our retail customers and partners by offering them the business intelligence architecture they need to be able to reduce costs, increase revenue and maximize the value of information.”

Today, Qlik works with many of the top retailers in the world like Ted Baker and MAF Carrefour Hypermarkets in the Middle East to help them understand the connected consumer in the “Omni-channel” world where the customer can buy online, return in store and browse on mobile. As both shopping trends and consumer behavior evolve, leading retailers are taking advantage of BI solutions to offer personalized customer experiences and drive brand loyalty.