GCT launches smart plug product for intelligent homes from Edimax

Edimax Middle East Technology, a leading smart-connected home solutions provider, today announced a brand new Smart Plug product range and the first Smart Plug release: the SP-1101W Smart Plug Switch. The switch plugs into any wall socket and gives users control to switch or schedule a connected electronic device on or off using a Smartphone app using Android/iOS system.


Designed to make life more functional, SP-1101W Smart Plug products make homes and modern lifestyles more dynamic, giving to the users intelligent control over all of their electronics. Connecting people to the things they use every day, Smart Plug products can be used to build a smart, connected environment and bring your home to life in imaginative and inventive ways.

The free Edimax Smart Plug home management app can monitor, control and schedule all of the electronic devices connected to Smart Plug Switches. Control and check your appliances remotely from the convenience of your Smartphone, wherever you are – never worry about forgetting to turn something off when you go out again. Or switch on the lights, coffee machine or anything else you want just in time for when you get home.

Setup and installation is all done wirelessly and the Smart Plug Switch features an email notification function to keep you up to date about power and appliance usage around your home. Developed to suit your lifestyle, the built-in scheduling function of the Smartphone app allows you to program intelligent schedules to make your home smarter and more energy efficient, and keep your day-to-day life running smoothly.

Edimax SP-1101W available in Middle East and Africa from GCT Company and its partners.